Instructions for Installing ITIP

ITIP has been tested on various versions of MATLAB on different machines. If you encounter installation problems, please send email to Raymond Yeung.


MATLAB version 5 or above and the compiler-compiler ‘yacc’ are required.

To install, follow these steps:

  1. Download the file ITIP3.1.tar.gz to your Unix/Linux home directory.

  2. In your Unix home directory, type

    >> gunzip ITIP3.1.tar.gz

  3. In your Unix home directory, type

    >> tar xvf ITIP.tar

    A directory called “ITIP” will be created under your Unix home directory.

  4. Change directory to “ITIP” and type

    >> make

  5. After this is done, you can start MATLAB.


Download the file and put it in your MATLAB’s working directory. Then extract the files

ITIP_kern.m, ITIP.dll, make_D.dll, and make_NS.dll.